Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overdue Praise for Mr. Simon

Seymour Simon visited several schools in our district a few weeks ago. I'm told he was every bit as inspiring, intriguing, and interesting to the students as I could have imagined.

We (our county library media specialist association and the county reading council) had the pleasure of hosting him as he shared his craft and some amazing stories one evening in early May.

I'll spare you the details and, rather, just encourage you to look him up, buy his books, and get hooked yourself. I will, however, share a few observations.

1. He has a presence. Like a man who has lived through a great deal of experiences any one of which we'd jealously pursue, stories rolled off his tongue while we all edged to the tips of our seats so as not to miss a detail.

2. He has a book for every single one of us. After writing on nearly every single science topic imaginable, his work is far-reaching and has no doubt touched many, many lives and will continue to do so.

3. He is genuine and sincere. He holds a special place in my life, being the first author I can remember seeking out independently in a library as a child. I couldn't find the right words to tell him, but I think he recognized that look of supreme admiration in my eyes. He was grateful and meeting him meant everything to me.

I hope we all can find time from our busy lives to see what has shaped us and to be grateful these influences have helped make us who we are today.

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