Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Day.

I feel lighter and today's rain gave me chills. 

Our Read Across America day was packed with tons of amazing celebrations of literacy. Nothing directly Seuss-related, but memorable nonetheless.

Our 5th graders spent the week practicing read alouds and then stopped by the PreK-4 classes today to share some good reads with small groups of children. Each 5th grader had a 15-minute moment of authority, entertainment, and, hopefully, fulfillment with their group of 4-5 students, circled close together throughout the classrooms and pod space.

We had an author visit by fav Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, author of Hampire! and Chicks Run Wild. This is her second visit to our school and that made a huge difference to our students. I think that meeting an author is cool, but not always memorable in the way we'd like it to be. Students typically get between 30 and 45 minutes with the author during his or her presentation. Past that, the rest of the time is spent reading his or her books. Seeing Sudipta again today not only reminded the kids of all the great things she shared two years ago, it gave them the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of someone who is not only skilled at what she does, but, now, also familiar to our boys and girls. She's also fabulous at what she does and genuinely passionate about sharing her craft with kids. I'd say she's kind of a no-fail author visit.

Good barbers are hard to come by.
Thankfully, I've got a friend I can trust
 in 4th grade.
Of course, what Read Across America day would be complete without a good ol' fashioned head-buzzin'?! Thanks to the results of our coin drive at this year's book fair, I had to say goodbye to my lovely locks. Our administration decided it best to make a huge event from the occasion, so, 15 minutes before the end of the school day, the whole school building made their way into the cafeteria to watch a memorable haircut. Amid chants of "shave it off" and a couple of tears (yes, tears) from a few students at the thought of my near-bald head, we got down to business. In the end, it wasn't all that bad. A few kids were spurring me on to go down to skin, but I thought better of it and decided to hold onto the little I had before appearing at Common Ground 2012. I have the esteemed honor of accepting the award for Maryland Outstanding Educator Using Technology, a flattering award under any circumstances and one that feels  like a victory for the School Library Media profession. (Better to have a little something on top so I can look decent for my colleagues and other Maryland technology-using professionals, right?!)

Of course, this isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself. Here's a video of the big buzz captured on my iPhone:

I'm thankful to be a member of a profession that encourages being a little ridiculous, a little daring, and a lot selfless for the greater good.

...and if it means cutting off my hair to promote literacy, I'm game (so long as you give me the week leading up to it to go a little wild with what hair I have left). 

It grows back.

Day 1: Easy, Normal

Day 2: Spiked, Out of Control
Day 3: Hat, Smooshed

Day 4: Wave, Attempted Fohawk
Day 5: Mullet, Wig
END: Spoils, Buzz


  1. Dedicated teacher-librarians ALWAYS look sharp!

  2. Matt, Hey there! Surprise ... I nominated you for an award. Come on over to to check it out. There are some crazy rules for accepting it. And quite honestly, you won't hurt my feelings at all if you choose not to follow through by naming five other bloggers. I just thought that I would take this opportunity to showcase some fellow librarian bloggers. Happy Sunday!


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