Friday, March 23, 2012

Books for Us: Good Little Wolf, I Want My Hat Back


Here are two great books that, for us, were perfect for the exact same reasons:

  1. The illustrations were character-focused with little or not background, which meant that our little guy could point from page to page at the main characters. Sometimes less is more. In both of these cases, that couldn't be truer. 
  2. The ending was so wickedly funny I couldn't help but for teacher after teacher to read it. Seriously, who are these authors and why aren't we hanging out yet?!
Good Little Wolf
by Nadia Shireen

Published Sept. 13, 2011 by Knopf Books for Young Readers (978-0375869044)

The Story: Good Little Wolf is friends with pigs, loves Granny, and exudes good behavior. A visit from Big Bad doesn't deter sweet Good Little Wolf from the straight and narrow. It's a cute twist to a familiar cast of characters.

What He Loves: Good Little Wolf, of course. Who wouldn't want to cuddle a soft, gray, smiling pup. In fact, wolf always elicits a couple bounces and "woofs" from our toddler. Adorable.

What I Love: The only word I can even think of to describe the ending is wicked, and I love this book so much for it! Our story finds a resolution, but then there's still a page spread remaining. What to do... what to do... I won't spoil it for you because I, too, am a good little wolf.

And look... Here a video of Nadia drawing a chance encounter of wolves on a humongous canvas!

I Want My Hat Back
by Jon Klassen

Published Sept. 27, 2011 by Candlewick Press (978-0763655983)

The Story: Bear goes in search of his missing hat. He encounters each of the forest animals, but none have seen a missing hat. That is, until bear describes his hat to deer and realizes that bear himself has actually seen his missing hat.

What He Loves: With so many different animals reacting in such funny ways to bear, it's hard not to give voices to each creature. Our boy particularly likes the animals he's familiar with. (And saying the word "hat".)

What I Love: You know how sometimes kids take things from you and, when you ask them innocently (and perhaps unknowingly) if they've seen the missing object, some kids overreact in a way that almost convicts them of the very crime they're trying to lie their way out of? Yeah... this story has that and a whole lot more! Payback comes in such a delightfully sinister way, it's hard not to share this book with other adults, too!

Here's a book trailer to entice you!

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