Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm feeling like I need to share some love today.

Over the past two weeks I've come across some amazing teacher librarian bloggers. Moreover, I've read about a hundred inspiring and creative posts that are already influencing my library program and lessons. These bloggers have a voracious appetite for sharing what they do best, capturing brilliant ideas through photographs, and advocating for library media programs in ways that no colleague, administrator, student, or parent could ignore.

I should explain.

I read lots of blogs.

Many on writing for children.

A handful on the experience of being a mommy (yep... I said it. It's kind of a guilty pleasure, but these mommy blogs are just so sarcastic and hilarious I can't possibly turn them down! See: Motherhood: Truth and The Bearded Iris).

But most related to the school library media profession. The majority are professional blogs with a strong focus on advocacy. This is great for all of the obvious reasons including library media programs being eliminated across the nation, book budgets being slashed, and, who could forget, the general perception the public holds of our profession.

But what the world of elementary school teacher librarians? Must we always feel so isolated? Are we bound to identifying and adapting online lessons and activities intended for the general education classroom? Where are the TL's? ...and why aren't they blogging?

The answer, of course, is that they are blogging, you just have to find them.

Here are a couple new friends I've been reading regularly. I think you'll like what you see (and I know they'd love to have your readership).

I should say first that Salem Press has an exhaustive (and impressive) list of school library blogs that won't disappoint, though it is sure to overwhelm. Definitely check them out!

Okay... back to friends:

1. The Centered School Library - Author of The Centered School Library: Engaging Every Learner with Library Skills Centers and regular blogger of amazing ideas. Seriously. She'll drive you crazy with how she delivers killer ideas on post after post. Follow Cari on Twitter @myschoollibrary.

2. The Library Patch - I was hooked to this blog after reading her thoughts on citing sources with younger students. There's a great variety of resources to hook any school librarian.

3. The Book Bug - Cool ideas. Cool librarian.

4. Mrs. Lodge's Library - I want to be in Mrs. Lodge's library. I want to be a student at her school. I want to be the kind of school librarian who amazes and inspires like it's part of the job, just like Mrs. Lodge.

5. A Bookshelf Monstrosity - This librarian has her thumb on the pulse of our profession. Graciously, she regularly shares what she hears, feels, sees and reads. Follow Amanda on Twitter @bookmonstrosity.

6. Try Curiosity - Weekly library lessons and book talks for elementary school students. Follow Sarah on Twitter @sducharme.

7. So Tomorrow - So much to love, but Flannel Friday is my absolute weakness! Technically this blog is by a public librarian, but lots of her ideas feel perfect for the school library. Follow Anne on Twitter @sotomorrow.

 Now go out and make some new friends! (and let me know who I should read next)


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I feel like I should point out that I am actually a public librarian who works with kids. But I'm glad to have found some more school librarians to follow as well. We can definitely learn from each other. :)

    Also you're making me feel guilty I haven't posted a Flannel Friday lately, but I should have one for next week.

  2. @Anne, I noticed you're a public librarian but couldn't resist pulling you into the group. Your voice and the content of your blog pairs perfectly with the elementary school library. Thanks for your amazing posts!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I hope the students at my school think I'm cool, too. LOL =)

  4. @Jo, they must! From reading your blog every week I have absolutely no doubt about it.

  5. Um, can I steal your description of my blog? Love it.

  6. @bookmonstrosity, Of course, but it will cost you some of those delicious Thing 1 cupcakes!

  7. Ha...remind me March 2nd next year! I'll FedEx one to ya.

  8. Thanks for some great blogs to add to my feed reader!

  9. @lewisgrade5, of course! Got a good thing... gotta share it. Do you have any favorites that you would recommend?

  10. Wow, what a great group of blogs. I've added them to my feed reader too. Little did I know that I would spend a good portion of Friday night looking at all the blogs!


  11. @libraryjo92, I know the feeling! When a good blog keeps me up I know it's definitely share-worthy!

  12. What a nice St. Patty's Day surprise! Thanks for sharing the love. I enjoy your blog too. It never fails to make me smile ... especially this morning :) Have a great weekend!

  13. @Sonya, glad I could assist! Cheers (with a green beer even) to a beautiful day off and for finding cool people on the interwebs!

  14. Hi Matthew! Thank you so much for the shout out :) I can't believe how hard it is to find other library teachers' blogs so thank you for sharing! I have a few new ones to add to my list. I LOVE reading what other people are doing in their libraries, there are so many amazing ideas out there!

  15. @Mrs. Lodge, you are very welcome! Salem Press seems to be the best go-to, but there's SO many blogs to sift through there. I love when we can all come together, so sharing out links to people like you is like introducing my friends at a dinner party. Keep doing the great things you do!

  16. I'm always trolling for new blogs to read, so thanks for the list. Definitely added a few today.


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