Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Forward.

Technically... we move our clocks forward by one hour at 2am on the second Sunday of March (that would be tonight).

Technically... we lose an hour. Gone. Forever. So much for extra sleep, extra time to get work done extra time for, well, whatever it is you'd use that hour for.

So I had this spur-of-the-moment thought as I was dishing myself a heaping bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, already mourning the hour I've been robbed:

No DeLorean needed for this time travel.
Why not list all the things you accomplished in that hour?

You're thinking: But I didn't do anything in that hour. My clock was set at 8pm. I turned it to 9pm. Viola. It was suddenly an hour later.

Since this, at present, is the closest any of us will get to actual time travel, I've decided to take the leap one hour into the future and let you know what busy things my former self was accomplishing while I was springing forward. I invite you to do the same by commenting to this post, tweeting, posting to your blog, or whatever other means you have of communicating adventures in time travel!

In the hour I sprung forward...

- I caught up on 30 Rock and laughed so hard at that thing that Liz said to Jack. You know... that line that made her seem even more desperate and unusual compared to the rest of the people in the universe.
- I did 400 squats. Yes, my calves are killing me... but, seriously? I look like Rambo from the waist down!
- I ate all my vegetables. Twice! Including all those gross ones that feel like your eating a crunchy finger. You know the ones I'm talking about.
- I re-alphabetized our books. You never can have too much order on a book shelf, am I right?!
- I finally finished reading that e-book that Barnes and Noble was featuring this week. And all I can say is "wow"! I really didn't expect the author to go there... and all within the last 20 pages!

No one else will ever know what happened to me during that hour we all sprung forward. I certainly was busier than usual, but I'm glad I got to share the experience with you.

So, what were you up to? Comment below. Tweet me @MatthewWinner. Post to your blog and then share the link. I can't wait to hear all about it! 

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