Sunday, April 22, 2012

Books for Us: Z is for Moose, Me Want Pet


I've been holding off on sharing more Books for Us since beginning the Shelf Challenge, but realized I haven't told a single soul about two of my absolutely favorite reads of the past few weeks.

Shame on me.

Each of these books
1. features a persistent character
2. has a pay off that makes reading it again immediately a priority
3. works well to read aloud
4. was as enjoyable for our future heartbreaker as it was for us to read over and over and over.
5. belongs in your hands right now! (which, as it turns out is a problem easily fixed)

Z is for Moose
by Kelly Bingham
Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Published Feb. 28, 2012 by Greenwillow Books (978-0060799847)

The Story: It's time to present the alphabet! Perhaps you didn't realize how eager Moose is to play his arbitrary role as the harbinger of the letter M. Only, the letter M comes and goes without Moose's turn. moose is not happy. Moose decides to ransack the remaining pages. Hilarity ensues as the reader careens toward the end of the alphabet.

What He Loves: The animals, of course. If moose weren't already appealing to children for being so funny looking, having one persistently appear from one page to the next was a special treat. Almost a game of obvious-Where's-Waldo. And when the story was over? "Moose? Moose? Moose" until we start the story over again.

What I Love: The tantrum the moose throws after assuming a starring role and realizing he'd been overlooked is not unlike what I think a lot of people experience at some point on the path from childhood to adulthood. What makes this hilarious is that we actually see it play out. Rampaging can be such fun!

Me Want Pet
by Tammi Sauer
Illustrated by Bob Shea

Published Mar. 6, 2012 by Simon and Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (978-1442408104)

The Story: Cave Boy wants a pet. Unfortunately, every pet Cave Boy brings home seems to elicit some sort of reservation on behalf of the Cave Parents. The perfect pet for a cave boy must be out there somewhere, right?

What He Loves: The illustrations resemble cave drawings if cave drawings were done in cave chalk by a cave boy. This is to say, Bob Shea is a genius at creating illustrations that kids can replicate while, at the same time, demonstrating his master technique of capturing life and energy and fun on every single page. Our little Cave Boy loves that the pictures have funny creatures with big sharp teeth, or big wooly bodies. He especially loves trying to name the things he sees in the book (most often to no avail, but always entertaining). 

What I Love: Me love whole book. Me especially love how book words talk in cave talk. This make fun time to read to cave boy. He love my read voice lots. We both think lots funny. Me want you like book, too. You read. Now. Go do!

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