Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project 365 Teacher-style.

It's time for another visit to Sharing the Shelves, the group blogsite for librarians to share the happenings of public and school libraries.

This time around I'm tackling Project 365 with an educator twist. I mentioned here that I wanted to attempt keeping a photo journal of my library media program and all the good stuff that happens in the life of this teacher librarian's day-to-day. Now two weeks in I've come across the tools I need (or hope I need) to keep me motivated through the coming year. Thanks to Shauna Hamman (@shammanaj) for bringing #EduGood to my attention!

Read all about it in my guest blog post at Sharing the Shelves. But for the time being, here are some images to hold you over:

XnView FX has great presetting filters
to bring out the best in your shots.
Google's Snapseed is much more customizable (read: time-consuming)
and the results, even in the hands of an amateur, are consistently impressive.
I'm sharing my photos through the #edugood hashtag
as part of a community of educators taking on a project 365.
Day 13. Self Portrait of an Educator. (care of my Tumblr)
January's photo challenge list from the
 "See the Good in Education" project 365 group at

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